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Here's what happened in the Senate - 
and what we need TODAY and Monday!

As many of you already know, the Beer Jobs Bill has been decimated by the Senate. Despite our attempts at a reasonable compromise working with various members of the industry, our original bill was deemed too controversial for the tastes of the Senate leadership. The Regulated Industries Committee Chairman pulled the version of SB 63 originally proposed by our advocate Senator Hunter Hill and replaced it with a version written by the Senate leadership. The new version is riddled with mistakes, bad public policy, and has stripped the bill of anything that might tempt a brewery to open in the state of Georgia. We hoped to offer amendments to this new bill inside of the Regulated Industries Committee, but no amendments were allowed. So we planned that on the Senate floor we would finally get the chance to modify the new bill and offer amendments - but unfortunately again, the Senate leadership exercised it's power and some of the most important amendments were withdrawn. As one of our supporters put it, "The new bill will do nothing for jobs and has become a protectionist piece of legislation that bear hugs the status quo and smacks free enterprise in the face."
So now we're on to the House and we have to ask them to fix the Beer Jobs Bill. With some common sense amendments this bill can underpin some of Georgia's craft breweries and give us a small amount of flexibility to show what kind of tourism our industry can provide. This bill has to be modified, at the very least, into something that doesn't actively hurt Georgia breweries.  But we should go further and ask that the Republican majority in the House to stick true to it's roots - we need a bill that drives economic growth, makes Georgia's beer industry competitive, and gets our craft breweries hiring! Georgia's politicians say that we're the number one place to do business - it's time to make them prove it. 
Help us take the bill the Senate leadership gave us and let's turn it back into the Beer Jobs Bill.


Here's what we need now:

Reach out to the members of the House Regulated Industries Committee and let them know that you support common sense amendments to SB 63, the Beer Jobs Bill. You can find a list of committee members here.  As before, phone calls can be better than emails, but both are well-recieved and appreciated. We believe that we'll have a hearing in front of the Alcohol Sub Committee (consisting of members of the Regulated Industries Committee) on Monday - it's important that they hear from supporters going into that meeting!

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Founded in 2010, the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild promotes and protects the burgeoning licensed brewing industry in Georgia.  We're small, independent, and traditional by trade, and we strive to create some of the most unique and enjoyable brews for you. Most other states, including our neighboring states of North Carolina and South Carolina, recognize that local craft brewing is an engine of development and economic progress.  But as other states support their local craft brewers and build on the success of their booming craft beer industries, Georgia continues to lag behind because our state laws and regulations are out-of-date and inhospitable to craft beer entrepreneurs.  Georgia’s laws and regulations governing the production and sale of craft beer need to be modernized and brought into the 21st Century! 

We're working hard to modernize our legal and regulatory structures here in Georgia, and we need your help!

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Create Georgia Beer Jobs


Georgia’s craft beer industry needs your help! We are hoping to modernize Georgia’s laws during the 2015 legislative session to get our state competitive in the southeast and the rest of the country. In 2013, there were $14.3 billion in craft beer sales across the country and we believe that more of that beer should be made right here in Georgia. Making some small changes to our laws will have a big impact on Georgia’s economy!

The Beer Jobs Bill will allow consumers to purchase a pint at a brewery and take beer home from breweries and brewpubs – these changes will help drive jobs, tourism, and economic growth that will allow our state to be more competitive in the national craft beer marketplace. And it will do this in a way that allows our breweries, distributors, and retailers to all benefit from the economic growth it will unleash.

Sign the petition to change Georgia’s laws and create beer jobs in our state.