Industry Statistics


Here you’ll find papers, spreadsheets, data, and explainers of all varieties about craft beer and how our industry affects Georgia’s economy and is impacted by Georgia’s laws and regulations. 

The Rise of the Microbrewery Tap Room

The rise of the microbrewery tap room has its genesis in a variety of factors.

Campaign contributions by beer, wine, & liquor contributors in 2014.

Data captured from Follow the Money, for campaign year 2014. Visit

Craft beer definitions

A quick explainer and glossary on some terms that show up in craft beer law.

Craft beer laws by state

Overview of craft brewery and brewpub laws in each state. 

On and off premise sales

Quick explainer on what on and off premise sales are and why they’re important for our industry.

Georgia Public Policy Foundation Report

Alcohol Distribution Laws Bottle Up Options for Consumers and Retailers By Morgan Smith