Government Affairs

Create Georgia Beer Jobs

The Georgia Craft Brewers Guild is committed to promoting, protecting and furthering craft beer in Georgia. Our legislative agenda is integral to making Georgia the best state it can be for our current cadre of small business and the many to come.  Watch the video below for a quick history lesson on the “ Beer Jobs Bill” of 2015 and a look forward into what we need from Georgia’s legislature. Click through to our News where you’ll find the latest press stories and releases from the Guild or head over to our Industry Information page for links and downloads you can use to convince anyone that craft beer is good for Georgia!

If you’d like to learn more about how an idea becomes a law in Georgia, you can read about it on the Georgia General Assembly’s website.  Generally legislation affecting craft brewers is sent to the Regulated Industries Committees in both the House and Senate for review before moving on to the Rules Committees and on to a floor vote. You can see the members of the House Regulated Industries Committee here; the Senate Regulated Industry Committee here


Georgia’s 2017 Legislative Session starts on Monday January 9th. The General Assembly will meet for 40 non-consecutive days to consider and pass legislation that affects all Georgians. Stay in touch with your state Representatives and Senators – be informed at be involved!

Stayed tuned here for links and information about bills effecting Georgia’s craft brewing industry.