Are You A Brewery In Planning?

Read on for information about opening a brewery in Georgia

Get started by registering your brewery by following this “join” link.
Many, many brewers need help and guidance before they’re ready to become official Breweries in Planning with the GCBG. First, if you’re seriously thinking about opening a brewery you should join the Georgia Craft Brewers Guild to gain access to the resources we have gathered to help you along the way.   We’ll share your contact info with our Allied Trade Members that are experts in all things in the craft brewing business. Also, from time to time cities and counties in Georgia look to recruit breweries and if you’re flexible in your location or if you happen to be looking to put a brewery right where there’s a need, we may get you in touch with the proper local officials to help make your dream a reality.  Second, the Brewers Association has a lot of information about opening a brewery and we recommend that you join as a member as soon as you can. Finally, we strongly recommend that you have a lawyer before you take the critical steps of choosing real estate and deciding on a wholesaler. We want every brewery owner in Georgia to have a strong foundation!
The Georgia Craft Brewers Guild has a Brewery in Planning
(BIP) membership for brewery and brewpub businesses in planning. In order to be a GCBG BIP, just follow the link below!
Get started by registering your brewery by following this “join” link.